Over the years I have tried my hand at writing many times, in the form of novels, short stories and poems. I started writing short stories around the age of 10, graduated (if you can call it that) to novels by my mid-teens, and poetry sometime later. I gave up writing for much of my 30's (concentrating on game design and websites instead), but I have taken it up again recently. Some of my newer work is to be found below, with older items here.

In general I've been far more successful getting work published in the gaming industry than anywhere else. You can see some of publishing credits at the games page. I've also had a short story published in the "Tales from Earth" anthology produced as part of the Perpexcity Alternate Reality Game, and a novella serialised on the RPG Fiction Blog.

The Drowning Land

For the last year I have been working hard on a novel set in the distant past ... really distant, the Mesolithic period in Doggerland (what is now the North Sea). The first two chapters are available here for people to read.

Chapter 1 : Edan

Chapter 2 : Tara

Miscellaneous Short Stories (see all)

Solomon's Gate

A ghost story in the style of M.R. James.

Persistence of Memory

I wrote this for a National Memory Day contest. Sadly I managed to miss the contest. However you can still enjoy it here.

A Midsummer's Night

The inspiration for this was quite simple, the sound of rain on the leaves outside my bedroom window. The version linked above is a recent re-write of something I wrote as a teenager, intended for a magazine contest submission.

You can read the original here

The Liquorice Shop

A (very) short story about a sweet shop.

Dream Diary

A piece of Pokemon inspired Fan-Fiction / Horror.

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I wrote this as a piece for Contested Ground's A|State, though it was never accepted.

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