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120 Greatest Anxiety Hacks by Mel Bonthuys

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Disclaimer: Self-help books are not my usual reading matter, so I'm no expert on them, nor am I an anxiety sufferer, for the most part, but I have close family members who are, so I did not come to this book entirely blind.

In this charming book, Mel Bonthuys (a longer-term anxiety sufferer) covers a grab-bag of techniques for coping with anxiety: from exercise, to diet, to psychological techniques. This is not a scientific survey, nor does the book push any particular agenda, rather Bonthuys covers some of the vast range of methods she has tried herself and describes how well they have worked for her. The tone is chatty and easy to read, and Bonthuys' practical experiences are clear throughout.

Not every technique will appeal to every reader (for example you may not hold with some of the diet advice, or place particular faith in acupuncture), and a few don't hold a lot of scientific water, but there are so many pieces of advice that every reader is bound to find something that resonates. For myself, some of the sections on avoiding health anxiety were particularly useful.

A valuable companion and guide for anyone looking for new approaches to coping with anxiety.