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Fiction Books

The Drowning land 2021 https://getBook.at/TheDrowningLand (novel)
The Night Alphabet 2018 https://getBook.at/NightAlphabet (short fiction anthology)


I, David M. Donachie 01/11/2020 I, The Writer

Short Stories

Briar Baby 26/04/2022 in Bleed Error issue #1
Ghosts of Alton Station 23/04/2022 on The Great Void
Small Deaths 15/01/2022 in Claerndon House Magazine
The Sultan's Eye 29/11/2021 in Casket of Feys Issue 5
The Changeling 13/12/2021 in Dark Cheer: Cryptids Emerging (Volume Blue)
The Sedimentary Cat 1/6/2021 on Short Story Town
The Wizard of Snails and Woodlice 15/6/2020 in Unreal Volume 1
The Green 1/5/2020 in Allegory Volume 37
Motherlove in "LOVE"
Heartbeat in "HATE"
Reincarnation 15/1/2020 in Clockwork Dragons
The Gap 14/1/2020 in Solitude
My Powerstation Wife 26/12/2019 Spillwords Press
Abduction and Fairy Lights 1/12/2019 in Dark Xmas
Grim 4/11/2019 in Rufoe's Dog Magazine
Fear of Drowning 1/10/2019 in Grievous Bodily Harm
Night Animals 30/9/2019 in The Stuff of Nightmares
Persistence of Memory 29/8/2019 in Carcosa Magazine, issue 3
The Vampire 15/6/2019 in Full Metal Horror 2
Cranes 15/4/2019 in Flash Fiction Addiction
Desires of Demons 15/11/2018 in Witches & Wizards
Fortune Teller 4/11/2018 in Crazy Town
Ekranoplan 2017 on The RPG Fiction Blog
Dicing with the Devil 2006 in Tales from the Third Planet


Grave of the Kraken 2024 Solipsist Press (Amazon)
Catacombs of Dust 2022 Red Ruin Press (DriveThru)
The Beast of the Black Tor 2022 Red Ruin Press (DriveThru)
Icon of Death 2021 Red Ruin Press (DriveThru)
Green Water, Crimson Stag 2021 Red Ruin Press (DriveThru)
InBetween: Hungry Mouse 2021 Solipsist Press
DiceWars 2020 Solipsist Press
The Teuthic Temple 2020 Solipsist Press
Mindjammer: Children of Orion 2017 Mindjammer Press. With Sarah Newton
Mindjammer: The Core Worlds Sourcebook 2016 Mindjammer Press. With Sarah Newton, Paul Mitchener, and John Sneed
The Legends of Anglerre Companion 2012 Cubicle 7. With Sarah Newton and Mike Olson
Legends of Anglerre 2010 Cubicle 7. With Chris Birch, Sarah Newton, and Mike Olson
Starblazer Adventures 2009 Cubicle 7. With Chris Birch and Stuart Newman
Solipsist 2008 Solipsist Press