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Look up The Night Alphabet on Amazon to read my short story collection.

Check out The Drowning Land to read more about my Mesolithic Fantasy novel.

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Book Reviews

Short Stories (see all)

Tales of the Castle: Seacliff

A new version of a story that I wrote as a present for my Grandmother when I was 17. A dream, a nightmare, a revelation. In some ways a story about depression.

That Night David had a Dream

A very silly story

Solomon's Gate

A ghost story in the style of M.R. James. Solomon's gate is an extract from my first story collection The Night Alphabet.

A Midsummer's Night

The inspiration for this was quite simple, the sound of rain on the leaves outside my bedroom window. The version linked above is a recent re-write of something I wrote as a teenager, intended for a magazine contest submission.

You can read the original here

The Liquorice Shop

A (very) short story about a sweet shop.

Dream Diary

A piece of Pokemon inspired Fan-Fiction / Horror.

See also:


I wrote this as a piece for Contested Ground's A|State, though it was never used.

See also:

Childhood Writing

I Bless the World

I Bless the World

A book that I wrote when I was a child, scanned for your pleasure

See : I Bless the World

Beyond the Walls of Darkness

Beyond the Walls of Darkness

A book that I wrote when I was a child, scanned for your pleasure

See : Beyond the Walls of Darkness