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Just a place for the odd thoughts, updates, and the detritus of my mind that doesn't belong on social media.

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Posted: Oct 18th, 7:27am

Recent Artwork

I've been participating in Inktober, as I have for the last few years, and posting the results on DeviantArt for those interested, but I've also been working on some gaming art for various projects.

Game Covers

I recently uncovered (or rediscovered) some old gaming projects that I haven't worked on for years. DiceWars and A Parliament of Rooks. (Want to playtest either of them, let me know!). As part of bringing these games back to life I needed new covers for them, and here they are.

DiceWars Cover Parliament of Rooks Cover

Posted: May 14th, 6:29am

InBetween Character Portraits

One of the pleasures of running InBetween for people is that I get to do character portraits that aren't of humans. I am not good at humans, but better at mice.

Here's some that I've drawn