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Past Games

In the past I was a very active player (and playtester) of the Legends of the Five Rings CCG. I was also an active player of Legends of the Burning Sands and Battletech CCGs as well as many others (including, but not limited to, Magic the Gathering, VTES, Dune, Wheel of Time CCG, Netrunner etc).

Adventurer,Conqueror, King Solo : Curse of the Emerald Elixir

I started running a Solo D&D adventure, Curse of the Emerald Elixir, using B/X style rules, in 2018, while on holiday. You can follow it on RPG.net.

See : Custom rules

Ars Magica : Covenant of the White Stag

I ran a game of Ars Magica between 2013 and 2015, the Covenant of the White Stag, which charted the history of a band of Magi trapped in the Supernal realms. We played around once a month, but eventually scheduling conflicts brought the game to an early halt.


Tanaloth was the setting for a GURPS game that I ran between 2001 and 2005. It was a quasi-medieval quasi-dark ages game with a very religious theme to it. The pages here outline the background to the game and also a fair chunk of the custom rules that I wrote.


Telida was a long running GURPS game run by Paul Myers, which I played between 1996 and 1998. In fact it was my inspiration for running the Tanaloth game (above) when the Telida game finished. Maybe that's why they both have names starting with T? Paul's game attracted just the right sort of players for a massive web presence. We wrote diaries of all the things we did, kept track of every NPC and every event, drew maps, wrote up our character's fighting styles and histories, and put it all in the website maintained by George Smith. Sadly the website no longer exists.

I do still have a few pages left from the game, note, these are all old page not updated in years


Termite was a home-brew system that I designed at secondary school and ran for my friends all the way into the first few years of university in 1993-1994. It is a world where the PC's are insects and rodents and everything is different from what we know. Termite is not a game that I am currently running, but I have had many campaigns in the past ranging from single sessions to multiple years. The page (above) has some details about the game and character diaries from some games that I ran.

Rokugan 2000 : The Scorpion's Sting

This was a LARP that I ran at Conpulsion 2001 in Edinburgh. The LARP was based on the amazing Rokugan 2000 world/fanfic (its a fanfic but it deserves to be a world or a game in its own right) by Rich Wulf. To learn more of Rokugam 2000 take a look at its website.