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Curse of the Emerald Elixr, Custom Rules

All Shields must be Broken

Destroy your shield to make a hitting blow into a miss

Fate Points

Each character has one Fate Point. You can use a Fate Point to avoid death. You can restore your Fate Point by spending 500gp/level on otherwise pointless activities in town.

Zone Crawling

Not Hexcrawling, because there are no hexes, just zones of the jungle

A variant of The Hexcrawling Game

Movement is measured in Movement Points (MP), as follows:

  • Clear 2MP or 1MP on road
  • Rough 3MP or 2MP on road
  • Hard 4MP or 3MP on road
  • River 2MP to cross

MP as compared to Speed

Speed Normal Forced March Miles/Day
30(10) 2 MP/day 3 MP/day 6
60(20) 4 MP/day 6 MP/day 12 (ox)
90(30) 6 MP/day 9 MP/day 18 (water bufalo)
120(40) 8 MP/day 12 MP/day 24 (heavy horse, kej)
150(50) 10 MP/day 30
180(60) 12 MP/day 36 (medium horse)
210 42
240 24 MP/day 48 (light horse)

Use +2MP to scout a hex fully instead of just crossing it

Use +1MP per Hex if foraging
Forage, 2+ water for 1 person, 18+ water for d6 people, d6 rations

Use all MP if hunting
Hunting, 2+ water for 1 person, 14+ 2d6 water, 2d6 rations
Also +1 wandering monster check

XP for Puzzles

Solving a puzzle awards 20xp/ dungeon level

Total number of Hirelings

I typically assume the actual number to be found in a given market is based on a 1d4 roll: a result of 1 yields the maximum number, a 2 is a 33% increase, 3 is a 66% increase and a 4 is doubled the maximum number.


Climb chance = 15 +/- DX bonus (roll over). Add your Encumbrance to the target. Easy Climbs are +4, hard climbs -4. Roll once per 100 feet.


If you fail a poison save, you are Incapacitated. You fall to the ground, writhing in agony. On each round you take damage equal to the HD of the monster that poisoned you and save again. Keep going till you save or die. If Neutralise Poison is used on you before you reach 0 HP the poison is stopped.

Slow poisons do their damage in intervals longer than a round, e.g. 1 turn, 1 hour, 1 day.

Delayed poisons have a time before the first damage is applied.