The World of Termite

This is a collection of material relating to the TERMITE games system, and games played using it at GEAS. Termite was wholy designed by me, David Donachie starting before I came to University and being substantially enlarged and re-written since then by me and with the help of all my players. The Termite game, in a number of different campaigns, has been run at GEAS 4 years in a row, mostly by me (although at least 1 full game was run by someone else in GEAS).

Termite has gone through a number of different editions during my time at GEAS, and a couple of different game worlds as well. The following sections outline those game-worlds and systems and provide extracts/diaries from some of the games played.

Termite Versions

Termite 2.0

Termite 3.0

Termite Campaigns

1994/95 Termite Campaign

    This game involved the Barbarian Hrun, the Assassin Virgan the Dark and the Mage Voleramin. No actual diaries or notes of this campaign exist. However Hrun and Voleramin both made guest appearences in the 95/96 campaign.

1995/96 Termite Campaign

1996/97 Termite Campaign