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Older Writings

I've written a lot over the years. Here are some of my older attempts at fiction.

Short Stories

Dicing With the Devil

This story was written for the anthology "Tales from Earth" which was published as part of the Perplexcity Alternate Reality Game.

The Island Night

I wrote this one in the dark at a modernist Jazz concert MANY years ago, hence the Jazz images in the story, and the beat which I at least kid myself underlies the words.

Falls the Shadow

Falls the Shadow was my second attempt at writing a novel. Its not astoundingly good (I don't think I even thought it was at the time), but it involved a lot of work. For a while I lost the rest of this book, but I have now found copies of them again. I could post them on the website as well if anyone cared. If you would like to see them please email me and let me know.

  1. Chapter 1 : Falls the Shadow
  2. Chapter 2 : Reflections of Light

Tales Retold

These stories are all British/Celtic Fairy Tales transposed into the modern world. For the most part the actual plots are traditional, but they are modified to varying extents.

A Duregar Tale

This one is very much an actual recorded story, I just fleshed it out a little.

The Red Headed Man

This story follows no particular tale, but the images of the abduction, and details such as the ground Ivy, are acurate. The Red Headed Man is intended to represent Thomas the Rhymer, the one mortal to live with the Fairies.


Unfortunatly most of the poems that were here have now being lost, having been accidentally overwritten. I will try and add some more in the future if I write more, or find them again.

Evergreen Eyes

Legend of the Five Rings related Stories

These are stories realted to the world of the Legends of the Five Rings roleplaying and card game. I once ran a website dedicated to the Scorpion Clan (The Scorpion's Sting — archived here), one part of which was a noticeboard for collaborative writing.

Stories Vingettes & Tales Kaado Issekiwa
The Scorpion's Sting (part 1) Taking Tea
The Sparrow
The Story of Akodo Okura
The Story of Yoritomo Kororo
The Story of Togashi Koshiu

Stories written in the Scorpion's Inn