Tales from the Inn

This page collects tales that have been told in the Scorpion's Inn by the patrons. Approval for me to put these stories here has been given to me by the people who wrote them. You can find more stories on the Library Page

Tales from the Story Rings

A tale of Divergent Blood Ikoma Arametsu, Kitsuki Hamesu, Otaku Karo, Bayushi Hituro, Rikimaru
An Ashigaru's Tale Bayushi Tajiri, Bayushi Riwatan, Bayushi Hitoru, Bayushi Alucard


Other Tales

A tale of Water Kitsuki Hamesu
A tale of Fire Bayushi Hituro
A tale of Earth Shiba Akaijin
Fukurokujin Kakita Kaori
Benten Rikimaru
The Old Woman's Tale An old Woman
Struggles of a Ronin Usagi Tatsuka