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Welcome to the InBetween Character Creator

The Character Creator will help you create an InBetween character.

  • To begin, enter a mousey name and click New Character
  • Now, pick Age 1 Year. You'll be asked to choose what your mouse did in that year.
  • Once you have picked an Activity, you'll be offered choices of Stats and Edges to put dice into, click the to add points to a choice.
  • Some activities may also ask you to pick Legends (descriptive traits like "Rat Killer" or "Mother of many children"), Things (items with mechanical bonuses), Marks (minor scars, fur colours, weight), or Stuff (supplies and raw materials)
  • When you have done allocating points, click Accept
  • Now, a random event will appear. It may give you further choices of Legend, Things, or Stuff.
  • Finally you may get some bonuses, or lose some, from ageing, and you may have one or more Pups.
  • Once the year is done you can add another year by clicking Age 1 Year or click Finishing Touches to finish your character.

Import and Export

Your current character is saved temporarily as a cookie. To save it permanently click Export. You will see your character as a block of text (JSON). Copy and save this text somewhere. You can re-import it at any time by clicking the Import button.