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Copper Hunter
The Copper Hunter is an intricate creature made from living copper, in the shape of a Cudu'djell. When at rest it resembles a delicate statue, it's surface of copper plates engraved with the shape of feathers and scales. The Hunter's wings have 100 individual copper feathers chased with silver, while it's sharp beak and claws are of a silvery bronze. A copper bracelet is attached to one of the Hunter's legs with a fine chain.

If the bracelet is removed and worn then the wearer can command the Hunter to come to life. The wearer may command the Hunter to fly, land, spy, attack or hunt, retaining a link up to 60 Klegs (if the Hunter goes beyond this distance it returns to the bracelet). When animated the Hunter has the same stats as a Cudu'djell save that it has 5 armour. If reduced to 0 Health the Hunter falls to the ground inert. It can be healed 1 Health if the metal is heated for an hour. Red Order magic that inflicts fire damage heals it for 1 health per Rank + EL of the spell.

As well as using it's beak and claws the Hunter can be commanded to pluck out one of it's feathers and drop it. When a feather falls to the ground it explodes with a bright flash of coppery light. This inflicts D6 Lethal damage to anything within 10 Legats, and anyone in that area must roll Phys vs. 12 or be blinded for 1 + failures rounds. Once used a feather is gone for good, and each 5 feathers lost reduces the Hunter's Agility, Health and Movement by 1. Feathers can be replaced (assuming at least some remain) by a Smith with a skill of at least 15 using copper and silver worth 4.