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As of mid Winter 1097

STOCKS (40 pawns)

Aquam 2 class bottles of water from Kasterberg
Aquam 3 ice fish
Auram/Rego 4 Silver branch
Animal/Ignem 4 Boar Tusks
Corpus 7 Skull and teeth
Herbam 1 copper twig
Herbam 8 golden apples
Imaginem 3 image of a pillar
Mentem 4 mandrake roots, from Kasterberg
Terram 2 rocks of power from Kasterberg
Terram 3 Rocks taken from the cavern
Vim 6 Boats from the aura pool

INCOME (7 pawns a season?)

Aquam Ice fish, 1 / season
Auram/Rego Branches from the mountain (unknown)
Herbam Orchard, 5 / year
Herbam Adara's lab, 1 / season
Imaginem Pool images (unknown)
Terram Cave, around 1 pawn a season (random)
Vim Aura pool, 1 / month