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Termite Building Rules

Structures, (buildings, boats, and airships) are all built much the same way, which can be sumarised by the following steps.

  1. Pick a size, measured in Cubits
  2. Pick a building material
  3. Work out the cost per Cubit of materials
  4. Apply any size modifiers to the cost
  5. Add any extras (rooms, fittings, sails, etc.)
  6. In the case of a vehicle, calculate carrying capacity, in Tirols


All structures and vehicles have a size measured in Cubits, which are an abstract unit of volume whose exact dimensions are not relevant. One Cubit is about enough room to fit a single person in comfort. (You can squeeze more than one person in per Cubit of structure if needed, but it won't be comfortable).

The following is a very rough guide to Cubit sizes:


Each cubit of building material has a certain weight. Weight is measured in Tirols, a rough unit of measure. (An average person weighs between 2 and 3 Tirols). When assessing the maximum size of a structure, you count the weight of the building materials as well as the contents.

Hits and Toughness

Each cubit of building material has a certain Toughness, and a 1 or more hits, both of which are a measure of how hard the material is to destroy.

When something makes an attack against a structure, first compare the damage done to the material's Toughness. If it is less than the Toughness, no damage is inflicted. If any damage exceeds the Toughness, divide it by 10 (rounding down). This is the number of Hits of damage inflicted. If the number of hits exceeds that of the damage Cubit, the Cubit is destroyed.

Seige weapons, and other massive attacks have the Huge trait. A huge weapon's damage bleeds over into adjacent Cubits if it does enough damage to destroy more than one.

Any weapon can have the Piercing trait. The piercing trait shows how much Toughness it ignores. Many items may only pierce a certain type of material. For example an Axe might be Piercing 8 (wood).

Pick a Size

Your first step in making a structure is to pick a size. The size varies with the type of structure. Use the following tables to get a good idea of size.

Size (cubits) Description Notes Average Cost