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Iron Seeds

Iron Seeds is a long-running Ironsworn Solo Campaign by yours truly. You can read Iron Seeds on rpg.net.

Chapter Index

Chapter 1: Jarntoskr

In which our hero, Euros Korisson, a travelling monster hunter, comes to the holding at Green Hall in search of beasts to kill and coin to earn.

Chapter 2: Blackhome

In which Euros, an unlikely ambassador, travels to the river-hall of Blackhome to open relations with it's Jarl Akiya, in the company of Siorra the carter.

Chapter 3: Gudhof

In which Euros learns of the Dyrs-Gothi and sets out to explore the ruins of Gudhof with Bevan the bandit.

Chapter 4: Bevan

In which Euros journeys to Korag, of the Iron Havens in search of Bevan.

Chapter 5: Bad Dreams

In which Euros swears a vow to seek out Sadia, the völva of the marshes, to ask her to help cure the iron sickness that afflicts Korag, and comes to a confrontation with Rauthrfoa.

Chapter 6: Runes

In which Euros learns the secret of the Seithr runes and comes to know a little more of his father while Bevan sails on the Sheerwater to Frosthome.

Chapter 7: Trygve

The winter has passsed, and with it Euros' training. He returns to Korag to discover that an old enemy has seized power.

Chapter 8: Dirge

In which Euros must face the wrath of the Great Beast Dirge.

Chapter 9: Aurvang's Fane

In which Euros returns to the Dyrs-Gothi labyrinth of Aurvang's Fane after his defeat, and finds himself at the mercy of Irsi, dead priest of the labyrinth.

Chapter 10: Reinen

In which Euros returns to Korag for a second time and joins the crew of the Reinen after making an unfortunate vow.

Chapter 11: Mila

In which Euros swears to protect the wrecker Mila from the consequences of his mistake, and journeys with her into the Swordfell.

Chapter 12: Frosthome

In which Euros and Mila arrive at Frosthome and seek out Gunnr Alvasson to warn him about the danger that threatens Twu's Landing. In which he also swears a vow to Jarl Vidarson to travel West in the spring.

Chapter 13: Feud

In which Euros is reunited with Bevan at Green Hall, and Mila forces him to swear a vow of revenge on Gethin Alvarson which leads them to rejoin Siorra.

Chapter 14: Sae Hrafn

In which Euros learns a painful truth about his father, and sets out from Frosthome aboard the Sae Hrafn alongside Mila and Bevan — a journey that forces him to face Himinglæva.

Chapter 15: The Western Shore

In which the Sae Hrafn finally completes it's dangerous journey along the southern shore of the Great Lake and comes to learn the chilling truth about Twu's Landing.