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These days most of my artwork is done on the computer, but it is intended for sites like Grophland (which has thousands of images drawn by me). However I have also done a lot of work in traditional media over the years, and if I can ever do so I will try and scan it and put it here.


A drawing of my wife's Changeling character Frake, in the form of a deer. Frake was a member of the East Court, which is why he is made of opals and gold.


The cover illustration for my RPG Solipsist.

Black Lion Games logo

This commission, was produced for Black Lion Games in Edinburgh.

Vitruvian Bird (May 2007)

This commission, based on the famous Da Vinci Vitruvian man, was produced for a play as publicity material, and will be used on flyers, programmes and on posters.

Wedding Couple (March 2007)

This comission, was for use on weedding invitations. The bride and groom met as children, and this illustration was based on old school photos of the kids.

Conpulsion Griffon (1997)

Over the years the famous Conpulsion Griffon has been drawn in many ways by many different artists (some, like Stuart Beel, quite famous ones), but the first of all was drawn by me for Conpulsion 1997. Since then the Griffon has remained the logo of the convention.

I also have online a high resolution TIFF version online here as well as a full length version drawn in conjunction with Janet Pashley here which was used for the Conpulsion 1998 t-shirts.