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Zelda Custom Rules

We are playing 5E D&D Zelda by u/ninjabreadbear. You can read the rules here. We are also using the monster manuals by Caleb Wichman and u/gowronatemybaby7

Cooking and Alchemy

A character with Proficiency in (and access to) Alchemist's Supplies, a Herbalism Kit, or Cook's Utensils can use them to create food or elixirs using ingredients, animals, and monster parts.


Ability Check Result Number of Ingredients
5 or below 0 ingredients
6-10 1d4 common ingredients
11-15 2d4 common ingredients
16-20 1d4 rare ingredients
21+ 1d6 rare ingredients

To forage, test Nature or Survival (as appropriate).

If foraging during a short rest, collect half as much.

If foraging at sea, you must have a fishing kit.


Cooking allows you to create normal food, tasty meals, and food with special effects. Food with special effects requires one or more special ingredients (such as Mighty Bananas or Voltfin Trout).

During a rest you can make a meal with one or more ingredients. Make a Cook's Utensils check as follows:

Special Ingredients DC

A meal feeds 1 person. For each additional copy of the same special ingredient, or additional normal ingredient, add 1 serving. A portion of rations counts as one normal ingredient. Increasing the serving size does not raise the DC.

The effect of the meal depends on the ingredients used. Adding additional, different, ingredients, with the same effect, stacks those effects, for example a meal containing a Chillshroom and a Cool Safflina gives two stacks of Chilly. An effect marked does not stack means that only the highest bonus applies.

See Also: List of Ingredients, Zelda Wiki Foodstuffs

Types of Meal

Chilly Reduce fire damage taken by 1 per stack
Cooling Reduce DC of hot weather checks by 5 per stack
Electro Reduce lightning damage taken by 1 per stack
Enduring Ignore one level of Exhaustion per stack
Energising +1 HP per stack recovered per Hit Dice used
Fireproof Confers fire resistance does not stack
Hasty Confers +1ft movement speed per stack
Hearty Confers 1 temporary HP per stack
Lucky Gives inspiration does not stack
Mighty Confers +1 bonus damage per stack
Restorative Gain this many HP when eating
Sneaky Confers +1 stealth per stack
Spicy Reduce cold damage taken by 1 per stack
Sticky Confers +1 althetics per stack when climbing
Swimming Confers +1 athlethics per stack when swimming
Tasty +1 HP per Hit Dice spent while eating no special ingredient required
Tough Reduce physical damage taken by 1 does not stack
Warming Reduce DC of cold weather checks by 5 per stack
Water-Breathing Can breathe under water


Spices (such as Rock Salt or Chickaloo Nuts) can be used as a special ingredient that gives +1 stack of another ingredient in the meal without increasing the DC to cook it. For example a meal containing a Chillshroom and Rock Salt gives Chilly 2. Only one spice counts in this way for any meal.


Elixirs are one-shot potions with short term enhancing effects. Each elixir requires monster parts (such as Octorok Eyeballs or Bokoblin Horns) and effect-conferring animals (such as a Restless Cricket). Elixir materials weigh 1 pound for each 500 rupees worth of materials.

During a long rest, you can use Alchemist's Supplies and materials to make one Elixir, or alchemical item (acid, alchemist's fire, antitoxin, oil, perfume, or soap), spending materials equal to one half the item's cost. Materials from more powerful monsters give access to longer-lasting Elixirs.

During a long rest, you can use a Herbalism Kit and plant-based materials to make an Enduring, Energising, or Healing Elixir, spending materials equal to one half the item's cost. Materials from more powerful monsters give access to longer-lasting Elixirs.

See Also: List of Monster Parts

Types of Elixir

Bright Elixir Confers necrotic resistance 1,000 rupees
Chilly Elixir Confers fire resistance 1,000 rupees
Electro Elixir Confers lightning resistance 1,000 rupees
Enduring Elixir Temporarily ignore Exhaustion 2,500 rupees
Energising Elixir Replenish a Hit Dice 1,000 rupees
Fireproof Elixir Confers fire immunity 2,000 rupees
Hasty Elixir Confers +10ft movement speed 1,000 rupees
Healing Elixir Heal 2d4+2 HP 250 rupees
Greater Healing Elixir Heal 4d4+4 HP 1,000 rupees
Hearty Elixir Confers +1d6 temporary HP 500 rupees
Invulnerable Elixir Confers resistance to all damage 20,000 rupees
Mighty Elixir Confers +2 bonus damage 1,000 rupees
Sneaky Elixir Confers +5 stealth 1,000 rupees
Spicy Elixir Confers cold resistance 1,000 rupees
Tough Elixir Confers physical damage resistance 4,000 rupees


The default duration of an elixir is 1 minute. More powerful monster parts can create 10 minute, or 30 minute effects.