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Eldar Language Guide : Examples v0.2

[iam Cre-ag-Liam Ual] I tell you lying stories
[iam Cre-ag-Lam Ual] I tell you little lies
[iam Cre-ag-Leram Ual] I tell you fables (I am fableing to you)
[kal Cre-ag-Leram iam] he tells me fables
[kal i-ag-Lam iam] he tells me big lies
[iam Furta Creag-Leram Ual] I will tell you fables
[ashkam Furta Creag-Leram Ual am] Who will tell you fables?
[Ual Furta Creag-Leram iam palam] Why will you tell me fables?
[iam fare Cre-Liam] I am writing stories (I am creating storying)
[iam fare Cre-Liam Ual] I am writing stories for/to you
[iam man] I am dead (Complete aspect)
[iam marg] I am dying (passive/continuous aspect)
[iam mure] I am a killer (active/agressive aspect)
[iam mure Ual] I am killing you
[iam furta mure Ual] I will kill you (I am futureing killing at you)
[iam furta-man] I will die
[iam ueserant-man] I am dead
[iam sista-man] I was dead
[iem ulerans ill-thara] We should leave (We should (no longer) [be] -here)
[iam furta ill-thara asha] I will leave soon
[iam ill-tharet] I am leaving
[iam ill-thareith] I have left
[Sol Ceraam-Athistaur Gair-am] How does one greet the Master Mime?
[iam Asha aill-Estera Fari kel] I would like to see it in the future
[Dinnewe-Cergorach] Guardians of the song of the Laughing God
[iam-uom Ual] I am in front of you
[Kal koem-feon Ual] He stands above you
[Caur-kel koesh feon-ucan iam] The great thing towers above and behind me