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People have published my words!

I know that for some writers, six short story acceptances in a year is small beans, but for me, never having had a story accepted for publication before, it is a source of amazement! There are actual books, other people's books, with my words in them!

At the same time, I know I can do even more than that. Four of those six stories are in anthologies produced by the madmen at Zombie Pirate Publishing. I owe them huge thanks, but I want to reach wider, and find more outlets for my fiction. Currently I'm setting my sights on Dark Ink Press, who have a complex route to submission that requires (in most cases) having something featured in one of their regular Dark Drabble collections — the next one opens this weekend, so I'll be on the lookout of that.

I've also had significantly more than six stories rejected in the same period. Some were wild stabs in the dark — things I had lying around that sort of fit a theme; some where specially crafted for the call in question, which is a little more disheartening.