The Tourney

Things to Do at the Tourney

So you have arrived at the Tourney, what is there to do? All around you are colourful tents, merchants hawking fine clothes for the nobles, peasants and servants crowding the temporary camp, and of course your fellow knights, ranging from Squires in their first sets of spurs, to Lords of the land, resplendent in battle armour. The smell of roasts fill the air, from the lists comes the pounding of horses hooves, from the smithy the sound of weapons being forged.

There are a number of things to do at the Tourney, but most involve fighting in one way or another. Three main contests happen at the Tourney, the Foot Combat, where Knights fight one on one, the Melee, where many foot knights fight each other, and the Lists, where mounted Knights joust with sword and lance. The list of things you can do at the Tourney is :