The Tourney

The Queen

The Queen sits at one end of the Tourney, watching the action, and giving her favour to the most special Knights in the land. You may choose to try and gain the Queen's favour before any combat. The Favour will last for the course of the next combat you undertake only. You cannot try to obtain the Queen and King's favours at the same time.

Obtaining the Favour

To try and obtain the Queen's favour you must make an etiquette test, adding (or subtracting) your Honor. If the result is greater than 12, or it is a critical, you have gained the favour. If you fumble then you are publically shamed by her dismissal of you and lose one point of Prestige.

Effects of the Favour

During any combat in which you have the favour, add 1 to the results of all your tests. At the end of the combat you no longer have the Favour. If you commit a dishonorable act during tthe combat you lose the favour immediatly.

If you lose a combat while carrying the Queen's favour then you lose 1 point of Honor.