The Tourney


Knights are not the only ones who come to the Tourney, many hirelings also set out for the site of teh Joust to find work in the service of a noble lord. By coming to the hiring fair you can find yourself Hirelings to aid you at the Tourney. All Hirelings cost some gold to hire. At any point you may let a Hireling go, but you don't get any money back for doing so. Every time you enter a contest (Foot, Melee, or List) you must pay 5gp for each Hireling you have, to represent their upkeep.

Squires (100gp)

Squires are knights in training, who help you keep your weapons in good shape, arm you during combat, and follow you around. The main use of the Squire in the game is to hold your weapons for you. If you have a Squire you can take all weapons you own into a combat (see Foot Combat rules) and can be handed lances in a joust.

Guardsmen (50gp)

Guardsmen are men at arms that you employ as part of your camp. In general they have little to do other than to stand around your tent looking menacing, groom your horse, and tell your angry debtors that you are not in your tent today. However in the Melee the number of Guardsmen that you have limits how many other Knights you can try to take prisoner.

Troupadors (200gp)

A Troupador is a professional storyteller, musician, and entertainer. A Troupador tells everyone of your famous deeds, charms the ladies, impresses the King, and generally increases your fame. Each Troupador you employ increases your Etiquette Skill by 1.