The Tourney

The Quintain

Sometimes you need to raise your skills but do not have the experience to do it. If you have the time and money you can practice at the Quintain, where armsmen and master warriors will help you with your skills.

To train at the Quintain first decide what skill level of trainer you will employ, and what skill he will teach you in (e.g. Lance, Shield, Riding). Then pay the fee indicated in the table below

Trainer's Level Trainer's Skill Cost
Inexperienced 0 50gp
Experienced 1 100gp
Veteran 2 200gp
Master 3 300gp

To see if the trainer's work has paid off roll a single dice, and add the Trainer's skill. If the result exceeds your current level in the skill you are trying to train then raise that skill by one, otherwise there is no benifit from the training.