The Tourney

The King

The King sits at one end of the Tourney, watching the action, ready to reward the most corageous, and dangerous, with favour and fortune! You may choose to try and gain the King's favour before any combat save the Melee, which, while a noble pursuit, is not the right place to choose a Champion.. The Favour will last for the course of the next combat you undertake only. You cannot try to obtain the Queen and King's favours at the same time.

Obtaining the Favour

To try and obtain the King's favour you must make an etiquette test, adding your Prestige (the King favours his more important nobles). If the result is greater than 15, or it is a critical, you have gained the favour. If you fumble then you are publically shamed by his dismissal of you and lose one point of Prestige.

Effects of the Favour

If you win the combat during which you carried the favour then the King will reward you with an extra point of Prestige. In addition you should make an Etiquette test, adding or subtracting any Honor you gained or lost during this combat. If the result beats an 8 then the King will also reward you with valuable gifts, which are equivalent to 10 times your prestige gold pieces.

However if you lose while carrying the King's Favour he will be displeased with you, and your prestige is lowered by one.