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Amora Village
Amora Village is a small settlement in the second Aed of Ur. Situated in the midst of the Twilight Jungle, Amora is a typical collection of ten or so families spread through a small area of forest. It's only significant feature is it's proximity to an Ancient ruin, in the form of a strange pair of winged bull statues surmounting a stone platform. Amora is connected to the main channel Darkwards of Ur by a smaller tributary that leads to the first Aed near Nugtown.
KeywordsMine, Isolated
Balatai is a mining settlement situated 3 days travel from Darkin, to the Counter-Night. Here a line of jagged hills are to be found, from which the famous Green Stone of Balatai can be mined in lustrous slabs. Caravans travel from Balatai to Darkin, and then Nightwards to the river valley. (A cart of Green Stone is Value 7). Balatai itself is a rough and haphazard settlement built in the shadows of empty quarry pits. Fresh workings are nearby in the surrounding valleys. A small amount of copper is also mined from the same hills, and spoil from the mines litters the slopes.

Balatai is often a destination for escaped Slaves, or penniless Freemen, hoping to make quick coin from manual labour. New Miners vie to join an existing gang, and take a share of the profits from the stone they excavate. The Clerks in charge of the mine pay the gang bosses, who decide how to distribute money to the members. The town has a few simple and rough taverns for the miners.
Borruk is a settlement located deep in the Ice Hills, on the edge of the glacier zone. It is situated in a steep sided valley of granite and obsidian known as Night's Valley, where dark trees crowd the snow banks and jagged mountains soar high enough for the unseen sun to catch their peaks.

It is a crude and simple place, little more than a trading post. A stockade of wooden posts surrounds a cluster of huts half-buried under snow and earth. The fires here burn constantly, and the small windowless rooms are insulated with draped pelts and woven carpets. The walls are lit by huge dangling lanterns, with charcoal fuel and sides of parchment, that create a small oasis of light in the night.

Borruk lies at the highest navigable point of the river that flows through Sorgan's Fall. Beyond Borruk's log-cut walls the river flows only under a blanket of ice (fur-swathed Keldians must keep the port clear with stakes). Borruk is primarily a supply town for travellers and prospectors, though it also provides a trading hub for trappers and loggers operating out in the dark. It is also heavily fortified against the predations of the Night Goblins that infest the hills around it.
A small village built in the shell of an old fortress, with simple buildings of wood and grass sheltering amongst fallen heaps of mudstone bricks. The water source here is brackish.
Five Stones
KeywordsFarming, Spring
Five Stones is a moderately sized farming village set into the fertile farmlands of Darkin, about a day's walk to Turnwards of the town. The town gets it's name from five large white stones, some sort of milky quartz, that thrust in a rough line from the earth of a ridge at the town's entrance. An ancient and low stone door at the base of the largest stone opens into a cave shot through with the same mineral where water collects.

Although Five Stones is firmly in land claimed by Nistray it is also the site of the largest Satvan in the Darkin area, which opens on the far side of the cave of the spring, drawing light that filters through the white stone. Tribesmen will often stop by Five Stones on their way to Darkin to take a blessing at the Satvan.
A village located at the far end of The Canyon Trail, beyond Wind's Canyon, at the base of a mountain range. Kuthar is a circular town, centred on a natural well located in a mesa. The inner town, built into the crevasses and caves of the messa's interior, is surrounded by a tall stone wall with a number of gates, mainly intended to prevent raids from the wastelanders that live in the mountains.

Kuthar was recently taken over by a Naga, and its population forced to flee to Wind's Canyon.
Kutu was once a settlement built around an underground water source in the midst of a field of huge boulders tangled up with Razor Grass. The water source failed a Long Year ago, and the village was soon abandoned. Ruined structures, many built up against (or out of) boulders, still cluster close to the roadway, half buried in wind-blown sand. Searching the ruins turns up little more than the scattered bones of the last inhabitants. (Harshness 18)
KeywordsPort, Ur
Nugtown is a small settlement on the shores of the wide One-River channel that runs Nightwards of Ur, otherwise known as the River of Ur. It is named because Nug flowers grow throughout the surrounding jungle. Stilted wooden houses run along the shore, surrounding a jetty that juts out into river. A ferry runs from here to [place Korom] on the Ur shore on an occasional basis.
RegionLast Home
Sirara is a thriving farming community set amongst the Dust Slopes near to Last Home. It is surrounded by a patchwork of stepped fields, bright bands of corn and chilli, dotted with Kail trees and dust slope blooms. The central village clusters around terracotta pipes where water channelled from nearby springs is drawn for drinking and irrigation. The largest buildings are quite grand, the stucco walls brightly painted, while smaller houses are scattered through the fields.

Sirara sits close to Ningaur's Steps, which is at this point a wide and irregularly paved avenue of ancient manufacture that runs between low stone walls down towards the Twilight forests, which are easily visible from Sirara. Dirt paths wind through the stepped fields, running from the avenue past small houses. Order Magi from Last Home visit Sirara once a year to renew it's warding spells.

KeywordsVillage, Port
Soletta is a One River settlement near to the ruins of Nammu, a base for adventurers and treasure seekers to venture into the ruins, for good or ill. Officially a scion village of Nistray, Soletta is nearly lawless. The appointed Aedile rarely leaves their palace, and their Bonded Ones are more concerned with taxing treasure looted from Nammu than with preventing people from entering them.

Soletta sprawls along both sides of a river channel, with the Aedile's palace on a low hill on the turnwards bank. Wooden jetties jut out into the dark water, festooned with red and yellow lamps. Most of the habitations are on the counter side of the channel, and the majority of the docks are on the same side.
Sword Landing
KeywordsPort, Derzak
Sword Landing is the name given to a small port village on the Sunwards bank of the One River about 100 Klegs Turnwards of Ur. Although larger and more convenient ports lie to the Counter, Sword Landing is the first spot firmly outside of Ur's control that gives access to the lands beyond Nistray. As such it forms the main landing point for Derzaki and Chaldian ships bound for the Reachway and Hellgrass Reach.

Despite it's strategic importance to Derzak, Sword Landing is not a huge community. Almost everyone here is just passing through, and local industry is confined to ship repair and fishing. The Landing is nevertheless well fortified with thick walls of mud brick and wooden beams, and presents an intimidating prospect to travellers from the landward side.
KeywordsNightlands, Mine
A small village in the Ice Hills, Tarfell lies on an open slope that frequently bears the brunt of snowstorms and icy gales. The frosty pasture land around it is dotted with Uzan. Small silver mines dot the surrounding hills, and prospectors, some Freemen, some escaped Slaves, bring their finds here to be traded to Urite and Chaldian merchant houses. Tarfell is three days Counter to Greystone Crossing.