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Korom is one of a number of small port settlements that follow the route of the Canal and the Ravenway across Ur Island. Sited to the Darkwards of the Canal and the road, Korom is a small fishing port on the banks of the main river channel that flows to the Nightwards of the island. Boats sometimes put in here from small villages such as Amora Village.

Korom is a collection of stone and stucco buildings surrounding a small shallow bay where boats can anchor. What wood is to be seen in the place is old and weathered, from the time before the island was cleared. It is under the administration of a single Bonded One.
A village located at the far end of The Canyon Trail, beyond Wind's Canyon, at the base of a mountain range. Kuthar is a circular town, centred on a natural well located in a mesa. The inner town, built into the crevasses and caves of the messa's interior, is surrounded by a tall stone wall with a number of gates, mainly intended to prevent raids from the wastelanders that live in the mountains.

Kuthar was recently taken over by a Naga, and its population forced to flee to Wind's Canyon.
Kutu was once a settlement built around an underground water source in the midst of a field of huge boulders tangled up with Razor Grass. The water source failed a Long Year ago, and the village was soon abandoned. Ruined structures, many built up against (or out of) boulders, still cluster close to the roadway, half buried in wind-blown sand. Searching the ruins turns up little more than the scattered bones of the last inhabitants. (Harshness 18)