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KeywordsPort, Ur
Korom is one of a number of small port settlements that follow the route of the Canal and the Ravenway across Ur Island. Sited to the Darkwards of the Canal and the road, Korom is a small fishing port on the banks of the main river channel that flows to the Nightwards of the island. Boats sometimes put in here from small villages such as Amora Village.

Korom is a collection of stone and stucco buildings surrounding a small shallow bay where boats can anchor. What wood is to be seen in the place is old and weathered, from the time before the island was cleared. It is under the administration of a single Bonded One.
KeywordsPort, Ur
Nugtown is a small settlement on the shores of the wide One-River channel that runs Nightwards of Ur, otherwise known as the River of Ur. It is named because Nug flowers grow throughout the surrounding jungle. Stilted wooden houses run along the shore, surrounding a jetty that juts out into river. A ferry runs from here to [place Korom] on the Ur shore on an occasional basis.