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Ort Tree
Beyond the Ice Hills, where a variety of thick-trunked coniferous trees are to be found, the Nightlands becomes a howling wilderness of snow, jagged rock faces, glittering obsidian, and endless ice. Almost nothing lives or grows here other than Iron Raven, Night Raven, Starflower and Otik. One exception is the Ort Tree, a strange jagged candelabra of hard black rock and glassy needles that somehow appears to be alive. Within its sheath of stone the Ort Tree has dense fibrous wood, and they have, over time, been observed to grow.

Ort Trees grow in clumps of 10-20 individuals, the sharp branches and needles intertwining like fractals. Mature trees rise over 30 legats into the sky, and are frequently surrounded by a corona of witch-fire, or flickers of aurora. Ort Tree twigs (Treasure 4) can be used to make foci for Black Order Magi, but the trees are almost impossible to climb (Difficulty 20) and can unexpectedly strike people touching them with fizzing snaps of energy (D8 damage).