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Nishag Tree
The Nishag is a strange tree of the Drylands, a distinctive sight with it's twisted trunk and gnarled branches ending in sharp points. The Nishag appears to all intents dead, it's bulbous lower trunk often riddled with insect bores and no leaves visible on it's surface. A Keldian without at least Survival / Drylands 2 who encounters one will likely assume that it is dead, but the Nishag can slumber for many years until rain comes.

When rain falls the Nishag explodes into life. Green shoots unfurl from the thorny branches, catching the rain and channelling it down into the soil around the tree. Here thick woody tubers store the moisture well away from the sun's heat, giving the tree the means to sustain itself through long periods without water. The Nishag will retain its leaves as long as it continues to receive enough moisture, but when drought sets in the leaves are drawn back into the tree again.