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Ganam Tree
The Ganam, or Spiral Tree, is an odd plant of the Drylands, resembling a tall jointed spiral of wood with tufts of greenery at each joint. Although most Ganam do not grow more than a few handspans thick, and perhaps 2 legats high, with time they can reach as much as 7 legats in height and more than a legat thick. A Ganam is not a friendly neighbour. If injured it bleeds a milky white sap that can burn or blister exposed flesh, or even blind if it gets in the eyes (Intelligence / Poisons vs. 18 to turn this into a usable poison without getting injured.) Exposure will inflict D4 Lethal and a Social Wound (blistered). Nevertheless some Keldian communities do keep Ganam nearby, because their blossoms, which sprout as soon as it rains, are both fragrant and edible.