The Tourney

Creating your Knight

The first step in entering the Tourney is to create your knight. A knight has a name, a set of skills and abilities, some equipment, an honor rating, and a prestige rating. When you first create your knight you get a set number of points to buy his abilities and skills with. You fill out all this information on his 'record sheet' which is reproduced below.


Putting your character together

Your knight starts as follows, a Prestige of 1 (he's just a Squire acquired his spurs), 0 Honor (neither a Cad nor a Paragon), 5 Strength (the average), 5 Health (the average too) and 25 points with which to buy his skills and abilities. All other abilities/skills start at 0.

Obviously you'll want to give your knight a good set of abilities and skills, what he needs is up to you. To buy a skill costs 1 point (and gives you a skill of 1). If you want to raise the skill to 2 then it costs another two points, raising it to 3 costs three more, and so on. The costs for each level of skill is therefore (in total)

Level Cost to raise Total cost to buy
1 2 points 1 points
2 3 points 3 points
3 4 points 6 points
4 5 points 10 points
5 6 points 15 points
6 7 points 21 points
7 8 points 28 points
8 9 points 36 points
9 10 points 45 points
10 11 points 55 points

When creating a new knight you are not allowed to have a level higher than 5 in any skill that you buy.

If this doesn't feel like enough points you can sell down your starting Strength to 4, gaining 5 points, or your Health to 4, gaining 4 points, or your Honor to -1, gaining 3 points, but it may not be a good idea.

Your Knight also starts the game with 150 gold pieces (gp) with which to purchase equipment. Before you spend it all though you should rememebr two things, first it costs to enter any contest, and secondly weapons and equipment can get damaged and need to be repaired, a knight with no money is little better than a commoner!

Before you think about spending your points, read over the descriptions of the Skills and Abilities, and also the importance of Honor and Prestige.

  1. Explanation of Skills and Abilities
  2. Honor and Prestige