The Tourney

Skills and Abilities


Strength measures how strong your Knight is. If your Strength is too low you will not be able to use a Flail, wield a Lance, or guide a Charger. If your Strength is high then you get a bonus to the damage your weapons do. Strength is measured on a scale of 1 to 10. If your strength is 7 or above you inflict one extra damage with weapons, if it is 9 or above you inflict two more.


Health measures how much damage your Knight can take and keep standing. Sometimes you must make a dice roll based on Health or be knocked out. The more Health you have the more wounds you can take. Health has no upper limit, but a health below 5 makes for a poor knight.

When you are wounded you lose Health (mark this in the hits taken box on your character record). If your health is reduced to 1 then you have -1 on all tests. If you reach 0 Health you are out of the Tourney and must heal, if you reach 1 Health you may wish to yield.


The skill of using an axe in combat. Axes are cheap weapons that nevertheless do reasonable damage. An axe has the following characteristics

Strength Required : 4 Damage : 1 Cost : 10gp


The Broadsword is the weapon of a true knight. It is graceful and honorable. Fine Broadswords can be purchased that are superior weapons to their common counterparts. A Broadsword has the following characteristics.

Strength Required : 5 Damage : 1 Cost : 50gp

A fine Broadsword is

Strength Required : 6 Damage : 2 Cost : 150gp


A flail is a brutal and unchivalric weapon. Though it can inflict great damage it is tricky to use and often seen as churlish. A Flail negates any benefit of a shield carried by the person it strikes. Because a flail is so unweildy it can only be used every second round of combat. Raise the arm of the Klicky to denote that the flail is ready to use, lower it to show that it is unready. A knight may do nothing else but move on a round he is readying his flail. A Flail has the following characteristics.

Strength Required : 6 Damage : 2 Cost : 20gp


The weapon of a knight on horseback. A lance is used to unseat the other knight and can win a joust in one blow. A lance has the following characteristics.

Strength Required : 6 Damage : 3 Cost : 40gp


A polearm is a poular weapon for foot combat, since it can be used in many ways. Polearms can even be used as well as sheilds. They are not an appropriate weapon for the lists however, so a knight who wishes to go jousting must learn another weapon as well as the Polearm. When a knight with a polearm faces an opponent with a short weapon they get +1 on their skill. A Polearm has the following characteristics.

Strength Required : 5 Damage : 1 Cost : 50gp


A shield is a vital piece of defence for a knight. When a knight with a shield is hit in combat they may try to block the blow with their shield. If they fumble their shield will break however. Shields are also important for a joust with lances, a knight without one takes +2 damage from a lance. Finally note that Shields are ineffective against Flails. A Shield has the following characteristics.

Strength Required : 4 Damage : 0 Cost : 20gp


Riding is the skill of using a horse. Horses can be obtained from the Smithy.


A horse is required for entering into the lists (mounted combat). You must have a riding skill of at least 1 to ride a horse. A horse costs 100gp.


A Charger is a large warhorse (use Playmobil horses with barding or black horses), and an excellent beast for the lists. You must have a riding skill of at least 5 to ride a charger. A charger gives you +1 on your damage with a lance, and gives you +1 to hit with it as well. A Charger costs 200gp.


Etiquette is the skill of polite and diplomatic speaking. It can be used to woo the attentions of the King and Queen to get their favour.


A Troupador is a skilled showman and musician who can sing your praises. They are very good at winning the favour of the crowd, impressing the King and charming the Queen. A Troupador gives you a +1 bonus to your Etiquette. A Troupador is a Hireling.


The Gambling skill is used to gamble with low lifes and place bets on the outcomes of matches. Gambling is a dishonorable activity. Have a look at the rules for the Foot Combat, Melee and Lists to see how to place bets on fights.