The Armoury

Welcome to the Armoury, the home of Playmobil weapons and armour of all kinds. If you wish to learn more about all kinds of medieval weaponry then look no further.


What is a knight without his arms? This section of the armoury describes the hand weapons of the Castle era, as well as those tools which might be used as weapons, such as woodsman's axes and crowbars.

Spears and Polearms

Swords and Daggers

Other Handweapons


Alongside his weapon every good knight needs armour to protect him from harm. Consult the pages below to learn the secrets of a knight's helm, his shield, and his armour.





Playmobil knights bear many coats of arms, some traditional some fanciful. To view many of these and see their descriptions (or blazons) in the langauge of heraldry, look below. In recent months we have also captured many shields of the heathen Vikings, and display their wild and bizarre patterns for you.


Viking Shields