The Armoury : Helmets

Footmen's Helms

Chapel de fer, war hat or kettle hat

The most long-lived style of footman's helmet in the first and second millenium. It deflects blows and offers good defence from missile weapons. It was used by the Celts and Gauls and was still in use by the 17th Century.

30 04 8120 - dark grey (3665 cliff tower)


Conical or Spangenhelm

This sort of helmet is a simple footman's helm, with reinforced bands to prevent it from being staved in. This helmet is very much identical to the Norman Helms below.

30 07 6450
30 02 6870 - gold (in 3896 fairy glade)
30 08 1320 - dark grey (in 3626 hideaway tree)


Banded War hat

This, one of the most common soldier's helmets in Playmobil, is either a war hat with banding, or a flattened Spangenhelm.

30 07 6460


Norman Helmets

This is a Norman style of Helmet. It is a banded helm with a nasal to protect the nose and generally to deflect blows away from the face. The Horns that appear on the right hand helmet are a fictional detail, authentic helmets did not have horns, so the left hand helmet (with horns removed) is more accurate.

30 09 0640


Viking or Saxon

This style of helmet is often refered to as a Viking or Saxon helmet. It is very similar to the famous Sutton Hoo helmet, except that it does not have wings at the side (see the Roman helmet) to protect the sides of the face as Celtic and Gaulish helments did.


Morion or Cabaset

This helmet, found on the Guard special, and in earlier knight sets, is not really a medieval helmet. It was popularised by the Spanish Conquistadores and is mainly a helmet of the 16th and 17th Centuries.

30 02 2030 - Left helmet (in 3274 Wolf Clan Castle)
30 20 6150 - Golden Version (in 3015 Jungle Ruin)


Knights Helms


The Sallet (or Saled) is a 15th Century helm that offers good facial protection and good ventilation. It is usually worn with a Bevor, an armour piece that covers the lower face and upper chest. The Sallet comes with a Bevor in the Knight with Squires set.



The Barbuta is a one piece helm with an open face. It can alsmo be called a T-Face helm. An Itallian Design from the 15th Century.

30 22 8510 - Helmet
30 09 9630 - Feather


Bascinet with Pigface Visor

The Bascinet was the favoured helm of the 14th Century and early 15th Century. It was popular at the transitional period between chainmail and platemail, and was used both for warfare and for jousting. The examples on the left (from the Baron's Special) would be used for jousting.

(in 3890 Barons)


Jousting and Decorative Helms



The Sugarloaf is a type of Great Helm, which covers the face entirely and rests on the shoulders, usually on a padded neckpiece. In reality the Sugarloaf has breathing holes on the front. The leftmost helmets with decorative crowns might be seen in a joust, and would usually made from a lightweight material that would break before it pulled off the helm.

These helmets are all from the Dragon Knights series (available as a temple, add-on and special), but Sugarloaf helms also appear without the decorations.

30 07 6470 - light grey (3665 cliff tower)

(in 3841 Dragon Temple / 4586 Dragon Slayer)


Bascinet or Armet

Over the course of the 15th Century the Bascinet (see above) transforms into the Armet, which is a more form fitting helmet with a curved appearence. This helmet (from an Eggstra Knight) could be a Bascinet or an Armet. In either case it is a jousting helmet, with outreageous horns placed on top. As with the Bascinet above these horns would never have appeared on a battle helmet.

30 02 3280 - Helmet (light grey)
30 22 9930 - Helmet (dark grey)
30 02 3290 - Visor (light grey)
30 22 9920 - Visor (dark grey)
30 02 3230 - Horns (light grey)

(in 3274 Wolf Clan Castle / 3891 Ox Cart knight)


Armet or Close Helm

This rounded helmet with a small visor would be typical of the late 15th Century or early 16th Century. It is either a very rounded armet, or the later Close helm. The ridge on the top of this helmet later extends into the more obvious ridge of the Morion. This helmet has a decorative swan (made of papier mache?) and feathers for extra decoration.

(in 3024 Golden Knight)


Great Helm or Close Helm

Probably a close helm from the 16th Century, this also resembles the earlier Great Helms of the Medieval period, except that the Great Helm (like the Sugarloaf above) does not have a movable visor.

30 07 7840 - Helmet (light grey)
30 07 7850 - Visor (light grey)
30 03 5870 - Feathers (yellow)

(in 3667 Small Castle)


Non-Medieval Helms

Imperial Itallic style Centurion's Helmet

This is a Roman helmet of the Itallic style, with a tail at the back and flexible side pieces that would either hang loose (when not fighting) or be strapped under the chin. The red coxcomb should be mounted at right angles to the position shown on this helmet.

(in 4560 Centurion)