The Armoury : Spears and Polearms


This is the most basic spear design. It is also used as a flagpole and in some sets as a lance.

30 64 5500



These spears are more detailed than the basic spear. They have grips and a leaf bladed tip. They come in a number of colours. The top spear is from the viking sets, the bottom one from the Jungle sets.

30 22 9360 (beige)
30 20 2590 (yellow)


Long Spear

These long spears appear in the Viking sets. They are a larger heavier weapon that could be used to represent short pikes.


Spontoon or Boar Spear

Used for hunting, this spear has heavy flanges to prevent a boar from ramming itself up the shaft to attack the wielder. Such flanges are also used on many weapons, such as the Spontoon, or the Viking war axe.



A Bill is an implement for hooking boats close together. It was also used as a simple weapon of War.


Glaive or Gisarme

The Glaive is a polearm wih a large cutting head that can also be used as a spear. A Gisarme is a Glaive with spikes on the blade.

30 07 6390 (light silver)



The halberd is the classic polearm and can be used as an axe or spear. It can also be used to hook people's legs out from under them.

30 07 6400


Lochaber Axe

This polearm, and ones like it, are a relative of the Glaive, and were quite popular with the Scots infantry. Often they also had hooks on the end, but this one (found in the red dragon rider) does not.

30 24 7300



This polearm (found with the Druid set) is a large sickle, a blade used for gathering leaves or berries from high trees. It could easily double as a weapon however.



This is the normal Lance. It appears in the knight's training sets and in a couple of other places. It has a large metal hand guard that can be removed to leave something that can be used as a spear.


Heavy Lance

This heavy lance comes from the Wolf Clan Castle. It has a square cross section. This would also make a good representation of a jousting lance.

30 07 6380


Staff and Quarterstaff

The most basic polearm type weapon, this is a simple walking staff. These come from the Wandering Monk special and from the Ninja Special