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Rank 3

Matrix Strike
KeywordsAttack, Aimed
This spell allows a Mage to target an opponent's Matrix, disabling it with a burst of magical energy. Given a target with one or more Matrices (see Matrix Quality), and the ability to sense them (via Familiar, Passing Gift or similar), the Mage can make a magical attack roll against a target up to 10 Legats away. A normal Matrix has a Defence of 10+owner's level, while a Perfected Matrix has a Defence of 15+Level.

If the attack hits home the target's Matrix is disrupted, visibly crackling with random sparks of energy. A disrupted Matrix cannot be used, either to cast a spell or to provide fatigue, until the disruption ends, in a number of rounds equal to the attacking Mage's Level + 2.
power+1 range per Power Level
+2 rounds disabled per Power Level
+8 power levels to also wipe any spells in the Matrix