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Night's Valley
A river and trail that runs from Sorgan's Fall into the depths of the Nightlands. Most voyagers travel the Night's Valley by river, at least as far as Borruk. Beyond this ice-sleighs are the best choice.
3 days by river
Sorgan's Fall
Sorgan's Fall is a small town built where the Iceway crosses the Coldwater, a wide and rapid river that thunders through the black ice Hills rock and surges away Daywards to the One River. The waterfall known as Sorgan's Fall was the site of a famous battle between Ur and Derzak in the 6th Century of Empire. The river is navigable to small boats both below and above the fall, but boats must portage around the falls themselves.

The town of Sorgan's Fall is built on the Turnwards side of the river with a long bridge of rough wood crossing a series of stone piers just above the top of the falls (which are level with the road). A steep trail leads down to the lower part of the river, where a second dock is located. Small barges unload at this lower port and transfer their cargo to the upper one. Often this cargo is then loaded on a second boat, but sometimes the boat is raised by crane and winch to the top of the falls.

Sorgan's Fall is beholden to Ur, but the lands of Derzak lie just on the other side of the river, where a small guard tower is located to watch the crossing. It is 3 days Counter of Tarfell.
Borruk is a settlement located deep in the Ice Hills, on the edge of the glacier zone. It is situated in a steep sided valley of granite and obsidian known as Night's Valley, where dark trees crowd the snow banks and jagged mountains soar high enough for the unseen sun to catch their peaks.

It is a crude and simple place, little more than a trading post. A stockade of wooden posts surrounds a cluster of huts half-buried under snow and earth. The fires here burn constantly, and the small windowless rooms are insulated with draped pelts and woven carpets. The walls are lit by huge dangling lanterns, with charcoal fuel and sides of parchment, that create a small oasis of light in the night.

Borruk lies at the highest navigable point of the river that flows through Sorgan's Fall. Beyond Borruk's log-cut walls the river flows only under a blanket of ice (fur-swathed Keldians must keep the port clear with stakes). Borruk is primarily a supply town for travellers and prospectors, though it also provides a trading hub for trappers and loggers operating out in the dark. It is also heavily fortified against the predations of the Night Goblins that infest the hills around it.