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Hellgrass Reach
KeywordsTax, Derzak
Hellgrass Reach forms the major Drylands dominion of Derzak, which otherwise owns only lands along the One-River and the Ice hills. The name is also applied to the wide plains of Razor Grass and white sand that surround the town, which are rich in Copper, Tin, Silver and cattle.

Hellgrass Reach is a sprawling town built into the sides of many circular sink-holes that dot a wide expanse of sand and grass many Klegs Daywards of Nistray. For this reason little can be seen of the town from a distance other than the wooden gantries used to raise and lower goods into the smaller sink-holes, and the fortified central tower rising like a finger above the rest. The deep sink-holes are riddled with caves and passages, many of which hold reserves of water, although when large military units are stationed here these resources can be hard stretched. The central and largest sink-hole surrounds a deep stone-lined pool. Although the water level here can fall dramatically concentric steps and ledges always allow access to the water edge.

There are limited routes in and out of Hellgrass Reach, which was built with defence in mind. Strong forts guard the main ramps down into the town, and the buildings are designed to provide shelter from bow shots and falling rocks alike. The surrounding plains are filled with small mine workings, many abandoned, and Ancient ruins. Derzak depends heavily on the reach for metals and grain, and constantly garrisons many troops here. Border skirmishes with Nistran soldiers from Darkin are common, although a vast reach separates the two towns.
Hellgrass Reach
A wide plain of Razor Grass surrounding Hellgrass Reach
Pass of Eagles
Riverwards of Hellgrass Reach, over the wide plains of white sand, lies the shieldlands known as Ahzkuun, a territory of exposed and wind blasted uplands (Harshness 20), dotted with canyons and deep wind-carved pits. A small number of canyon routes reach all the way across the Ahzkuun, the chief of which is known as the Pass of Eagles. This high sided canyon winds it's way from Still Water to Meerok, a distance of about 5 days travel (Harshness 15).
Still Water
KeywordsSpring, Cattle
Still Water is a small village lying at the Sunwards end of the Pass of Eagles. Its most significant feature is the spring fed oasis pool that gives it its name, though the surrounding trees can be spotted at some distance across the razor grass plains. Small houses of mud brick and grass thatching ring the pool, nestling beside a tumbled ruin. Although the locals are willing to offer many personal theories on the origin of this ruin (fort, palace, mage's house) no history actually remains, and much of the structure has long since been robbed to build the villager's houses.
White Desert
The White Desert is the name given to an expanse of bright white sands and dunes that lies to the Night and Turnwards of Hellgrass Reach. The Desert extends at least 100 Klegs Turnwards, forming a natural barrier to the expansion of Derzaki interests in this direction. Only a few hardy Tribesman bands will ever venture into its depths to hunt through ancient ruins, but they must brave the Sand Beithirs, Salt Dragons and Fire Lions that make their home amongst the sands. More sensible travellers avoid the area.