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Amora Village
Amora Village is a small settlement in the second Aed of Ur. Situated in the midst of the Twilight Jungle, Amora is a typical collection of ten or so families spread through a small area of forest. It's only significant feature is it's proximity to an Ancient ruin, in the form of a strange pair of winged bull statues surmounting a stone platform. Amora is connected to the main channel Darkwards of Ur by a smaller tributary that leads to the first Aed near Nugtown.
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Nugtown is a small settlement on the shores of the wide One-River channel that runs Nightwards of Ur, otherwise known as the River of Ur. It is named because Nug flowers grow throughout the surrounding jungle. Stilted wooden houses run along the shore, surrounding a jetty that juts out into river. A ferry runs from here to [place Korom] on the Ur shore on an occasional basis.