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Hellgrass Reach
KeywordsTax, Derzak
Hellgrass Reach forms the major Drylands dominion of Derzak, which otherwise owns only lands along the One-River and the Ice hills. The name is also applied to the wide plains of Razor Grass and white sand that surround the town, which are rich in Copper, Tin, Silver and cattle.

Hellgrass Reach is a sprawling town built into the sides of many circular sink-holes that dot a wide expanse of sand and grass many Klegs Daywards of Nistray. For this reason little can be seen of the town from a distance other than the wooden gantries used to raise and lower goods into the smaller sink-holes, and the fortified central tower rising like a finger above the rest. The deep sink-holes are riddled with caves and passages, many of which hold reserves of water, although when large military units are stationed here these resources can be hard stretched. The central and largest sink-hole surrounds a deep stone-lined pool. Although the water level here can fall dramatically concentric steps and ledges always allow access to the water edge.

There are limited routes in and out of Hellgrass Reach, which was built with defence in mind. Strong forts guard the main ramps down into the town, and the buildings are designed to provide shelter from bow shots and falling rocks alike. The surrounding plains are filled with small mine workings, many abandoned, and Ancient ruins. Derzak depends heavily on the reach for metals and grain, and constantly garrisons many troops here. Border skirmishes with Nistran soldiers from Darkin are common, although a vast reach separates the two towns.
Wind's Canyon
Wind's Canyon is a complex maze of bazaars, lanes and houses dug into the caves and rock of a narrow point in the canyon. Walls block the approach from Turn, Counter and Sunwards, and the flat tops of the canyon are too high and fragmented for an attacker to use them for launching an effective attack on the town. Hedges of Marama Thorns block the main entry routes a little distance from the walls, funelling anyone approaching along the roads themselves. The gates are of Zerom wood, studded with copper bosses, and always guarded by a small group of Nistran soldiers operating from a fortified gatehouse.

Within the walls, mesas of rock break up the town into small sections, separated by narrow winding streets or passageways. Colourful awnings of dyed Maugey fibre add extra shade, and there are many Hunut and Ganam in the streets. Daybats and Brightflies zip and swoop overhead. People live close packed in Wind's Canyon, with families living together. The main market is near to the Drover's Gate. At the back of this market stands the Low House, where the Clerks are based, and the taxes are tabulated. A little way to the Counterturn and at a higher level is the High House the grander home of the Bonded Ones. A number of smaller districts, located in their own crevasses, surround the main part of the town.

Main routes leading from Wind's Canyon are: The Canyon Trail, leading to Kuthar and Urukag; Ningaur's Steps, leading to Darkin; The Anvil's Way, leading Sunwards across the Sun's Anvil; and Drover's Road, leading to hellgrass Reach.