Danchir's Termite Diary 3

Dan'Chir's Story. Part 3

After leaving the marshes we headed towards the Temple City of the Sun, bypassing some villages and staying for the night in others, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. One day Hrun the Barbarian was overcome by a sudden thirst for beer, which had to be quenched immediatly at the next inn.

At the inn Hrun sought strife with our Thief, who was blaimed to have stolen all the party's money. She denied that and even insulted the Barbarian, who should have chopped off her hand in his barbaric way, if she had not taken to flight. Too thirsty for pursuit the Barbarian returned to his ale, to my dismay.

The Thief's run ended, when she met a caravan of merchants. Giving in to her thiefish curiosity she approached the merchants, who suddenly drew clubs from underneath their gowns, putting them to good use and the Thief into dreamlands.

When we followed her tracks an hour later, we found her bound, gagged and without belongings. Not listening to us, she immediatly set out after the merchant-thugs. Since she was essential to fulfilling the Prophecy, we followed her into a dense forest. Finally she found a seemingly derelict house, which she rightly guessed was the holdout of her adversaries. She only erred in the nature of her foes. But she discovered that soon, when amidst a hale of arrows a voice cried: "At last you have come! And now you shall suffer for the grief you have caused the Cult of Chaos in Saltwater." Astonished and annoyed our Thief immediatly fireballed the window, where the voice had come from.

Meanwhile, as we were trying to catch up with her, we too were ambushed by Chaos Cultists. Now this was not really something to worry about. Eridanai kept following our Thief and I started to secure a Cultist for myself, not wanting them all to be wasted by my Follk companions, now that I was at last also able to dine on the ritual death of my foes. Suddenly somebody raced towards me crying something about a brother and revenge. To my horror I recognised the Pit-Fighter from Saltwater, this awesome fighting machine, who had almost overcome Eridanai. I dodged his first swing with his magnificently notched sword, but his back swing caught me right on and I sank bleeding to the ground.

At that moment horns were sounded and a troop of partially mounted Guards of the Temple City appeared. The surviving Cultists and the accursed Pit-Fighter chose not to make their acquaintance and fled towards their holdout.

At the house Eridanai had managed to team up with our Thief against three Zombies, which had shambled out of the Cultists holdout. No sooner had they been disposed of, when suddenly the Cultists from the ambush arrived, together with the Pit-Fighter. Hearing the pursuit of the City Guards the Cultists decided to run away to fight another day. Only the Pit-Fighter opted to stay, and blind with rage hurled himself towards Eridanai. It took the combined physical and magical efforts of our Thief and Eridanai to finally rid us of this nuisance of a Pit-Fighter.

After a brief rest we travelled on to the City. On our arrival we were immediatly taken to the High Priest of the Sun, who reveiled himself as the mysterious friend of our Barbarian, whom he had asked to accompany us.

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