Danchir's Termite Diary 4

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Dan'Chir's Diary. Part 4

In Termite we continued our conversation with the High Priest of the Temple City of the Sun. We were invited to dinner and were then taken to an inconspicuous inn outside the Temple district. There our Follk companions fell asleep while Eridanai and I replenished our strength by the ritual bleeding to death of two sheep.

On the next day Eridanai, the Smith Lachlan, the Thief Cariss, the blinded Healer Lexi and I were allowed to enter the Temple's armoury and to choose weapons, which might aid us in the coming struggle. Meanwhile our Scout Thorn and the Barbarian Hrun searched the streets of the city in vain for Chaos Cultists. Finally they caught up with us, just as we were shown to the immense library of the Temple, accompanied by the Master Librarian. We were looking for clues on how exactly to interpret the Prophecy and hoped to find something in texts relating to Damodredd. Using magical means the librarians searched the huge library in a few seconds, but did not find anything. When we gave them the clue 'Tharn', the ancient name of Thorn's family, they discovered a book with unusual magical properties as it tried to evade the searching librarians. Finally they got hold of it and we examined it. We discovered, that its reluctance of being found was not its sole protection. Dispersed among the pages were several runes of warding. The first sent Eridanai down to the ground, writhing in pain. In addition each time we opened and closed the book we discovered more small runes covering the bottom of the pages. It seemed that they were slowly forming a spell, which we identified as a fireball like spell.

In the end we found the Prophecy written down in the book with an additional paragraph, which we had not known about. Luckily we were able to copy the paragraph before the book exploded. Unfortunatly the additional paragraph was as cryptic as the rest of the prophecy.

So we headed back to our inn, where we discovered that Johann, obviously suffering from doubts and delusions, had decided to find out, what his recent dreams of a certain spot in the Forbidden Forest were about. We immediatly left the inn again and tried to catch up with the fool before he entered the Forest, which was rumoured to be full of tree spirits. But we did not make and decided to go after him into the Forest following the trail which led into it.

After some marching in an atmosphere which seemed to become increasingly charged and hostile, we ran into an old Oak Spirit. It immediatly attacked us, which could only be punished with total annihilation. So I blasted it with a fireball and then Thorn felled it with probably the mightiest strike he had ever done.

This did not go unnoticed and we soon found us hunted by other tree spirits. Fleeing forward we stumbled into a clearing, where suddenly a magical portal opened. A frantic Damon quickly ushered us through and to safety.

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