Like the Archpriest and The Hooded Man, this is another character from my Tanaloth RPG. This is Ozmarduk the Destroyer, a servant of the Dark Gods and an enemy of my party.

Ozmarkduk's main features are his huge size and his massive head of hair. I couldn't really make Ozmarduk much more bulky than a normal klicky, so I concentrated on his hair instead. My original intention was to make a new hair piece that could be removed, so I based it on a normal hair piece. In the event the milliput I made the hair from was just too thin to be able to support being taken off the head, so its become a permenant feature. I also worked on his boots to make him look a little more bulky.

Ozmarduk : Front

This view shows Ozmarduk from the front. He is based on a normal knight figure with a swordbelt. Milliput has been used to put thickened wristbands on his arms and to make heavy boots on his feet. These boots have then been painted to look like they are made of metal. His massive head of hair hangs constantly across his face.

Ozmarduk : Back

This is a view from the rear of the figure, showing the cloadk he is wearing. The hair is not actually attached to the cloack, so there is a little bit of movement in the head, but its not much. The hair is actually quite thin and hollow underneath, but the figure is still very top heavy.