The Archpriest

The Archpriest is a character from my Tanaloth roleplaying game, a senior religious figure equivalent to the Pope. I wanted to have an Archpriest figure for my Playmobil collection and so set about making one. The Archpriest's formal robes are white and gold. He wears a huge mitre, carries a staff, and wears a white cloak. You can see a picture of him here (the archpriest is in the middle).

Main view of the Archpriest Back view with the cloak and mitre removed

To make the figure I started with a 4579 spirit special, this gave me a white body, but also a white face and hands. I then took apart an old figure who had on livery, but had white sleeves, and swaped the arms and head around. The cloak came from the spirit special as well.

To go with the basic figure I needed the mitre, decoration on the front of the figure, and a staff. All of these were constructed using epoxy putty. The mitre was built up on the base of a Playmobil helmet (making it removable), while the decoration was applied directly to the figure. The staff was made by cutting down a viking spear and then building up the star on the end. This proved to be very difficult, as the star lacked much in the way of internal support.

Finally I painted the new parts gold, and added red designs on the legs of the figure. On the chest decoration I used dark ink to make the likes between parts.