The Fragments of G'David

Welcome to my tribute to the wonder that is Pokéthulhu the Roleplaying game. Pokéthulhu lets you take the part of your favourite cultists from the awesome Pokéthulhu cartoon series, whether they be the feisty Picky, solid Brockman, or the ever popular Randy Carter. The Pokéthulhu game was designed by S. John Ross, and you can find out more at the Pokéthulhu website hosted by Cumberland Games.

The famous (or infamous) Fragments were first refered to in Episode #233 : The Library Without a Name. Interestingly it was the only book shown in the establishing shot that didn't play a part in the scene with Librarian Lumley later in the episode.

In these pages, drawn from the blasphemous book of the same name, I will share with you some of the Pokéthulhu secrets that I have learned in my time as a fan and cultist. I know what you want to know ... are these tidbits really part of the cannon? Are the rumors true, do I really have a hotline to the show's mysterious non-terrine story writers? Only time will tell!

What you can find within

At the moment there are not so many pages available, hopefully that will change in the future as I am able to reveal more secrets.