Power : 7 Speed : 5 Hit Points : 8

Aspects : Non-euclidian, Luminescent

Weakness : Decomposing

Injure : 1 dice (Eldritch Light, Luminescent)

Dodge : 3 dice (Buzzing and fading, Non-euclidian)

Trap : 1 dice (Glowing sinhole, Luminescent)

Frighten : 1 dice (Weird spinning eyes, Luminescent)

Pokénomicon Excerpt : Chinthonians are creatures from beyond this dimension, in a way not similar to LLildorinos. They appear to inhabit dimensional rifts and vortexes, and there is always a chance that Chinthonian may appear as a side effect of a particularly exciting summoning, or a particularly spectacular failure. Even trained Chinthonians seldom appear to be fully in this dimension, and often fade from view with a terrible buzzing sound, a bit like a light bulb that is about to explode but hasn't quite done so yet. In Episode #200 : Hole to Tomorrow Randy came across a swarm of Chinthonians that had appeared out of the mysterious pit he was investigating, and made himself look really stupid trying to catch them. Another Chinthonian appears in Episode #319 : The Doom that came for me being used as a makeshift lightbulb in Professor Sarnath's lab.

Fungal Cluster

Power : 8 Speed : 7 Hit Points : 6

Aspects : Fungous, Sticky

Weakness : Luminescent

Injure : 2 dice (Horrible sucking, Sticky)

Dodge : 2 dice (Hideous rotting, Fungous)

Trap : 1 dice (Viscous fluids, Sticky)

Frighten : 2 dice (Foul sprouting, Fungous)

Pokénomicon Excerpt : Fungal Clusters are either a thulhu or a form of serious tree disease, no one seems to be quite sure. Normally they lurk beneath the bark of sickly trees, reducing grown and causing a blighted and eldritch appearence. Sometimes however they will burst forth and attack anyone nearby in an attempt to reduce them to goo and then suck them up. To date Fungal Clusters have never appeared in any episode of the English language version of Pokéthulhu, but they appear in the OAV version of the second movie in a scene where Sonia is in the woods on her own and nearly gets eaten by Fungla Clusters.

Its not clear whether Fungal Clusters can be properly captured in shining dodecahedrons, and they would probably make very poor pets, since they would be as likely to eat the woodwork as their dinners.


Power : 9 Speed : 6 Hit Points : 5

Aspects : Fungous, Decomposing

Weakness : Icy

Injure : 1 dice (Rotting Juices, Decomposing)

Dodge : 1 dice (Unlikely scampering, Fungous)

Trap : 2 dice (Spore cloud, Fungous)

Frighten : 3 dice (Terrible tentacles, Fungous)

Pokénomicon Excerpt : Oddoth are decidedly fungal thulhu which commonly appear in the sort of deep dark and misty pine forests that cloak most of the known world. Randy encountered a whole pack of them in Episode #155 : All's well that ends in Hell after leaving the ruins of New Sunnich. The Oddoths surprised Randy by bursting out from under the leaf litter and attacking him and Pikathulhu from all sides. The tendency of Oddoths to gang up on cultists and spray them with unmentionable spores makes them challeneging to collect!