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Rank 2

Red Path

This spell allows a Red Mage to find his way to distant places, things or people. The Red Sun sees all things on which it shines, and can guide the Mage to them. To cast this spell the Mage must name a place, object or person, using it's proper name (the spell cannot guide to a place merely by description), or point to a place, thing or person which he can see. After spending 10 minutes communing with the sun the Mage releases the energy towards the named target. The magic draws a line in the red soil for up to 30 Klegs, in the direction of the target. While following this trail the Mage gains a tracking bonus equal to 2 plus his Tracking Skill to find the target.

The spell has a number of restrictions :

  • It cannot find a target on which the sun does not shine. Specifically this means it cannot seek a target in the Darklands, nor one underground, or inside any structure.
  • It can indicate a path only in terrain through which the line can be marked, such as sand or earth.
  • It cannot find a target whose proper name the Mage does not know.
power+5 Klegs range per Power Level