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Rank 1

KeywordsSense, Subtle
When a Black Order Mage invokes Nearsense they are able to sense the world around them even without light or sounds. Nearsense allows perception even if the Mage is blinded or deafened (or indeed even if they have no eyes or ears). Nearsense is in some ways better than normal perception, and in some ways worse. The Mage can sense things in all directions, does not suffer any Defense penalties for being attacked from the rear, and gains +5 Observation to resist surprise. Secret doors and trapdoors are also easy to perceive, the Mage has +4 Search for these purposes. On the other hand the Mage cannot sense colour or texture, and cannot resolve fine enough detail to tell one person from another (or to read a document, tell water from wine, and so forth). Nearsense extends for 10 + Level Legats around the Mage.
power+1 Legat range per power level