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Rank 5

KeywordsAttack, Area
This spell summons the chill winds of the Darklands to batter and pelt an area targeted by the Mage. The first round after the spell is cast the winds rise and wrap around the Mage, filled with flecks of snow and ice. The following round, and each subsequent round until the spell ends, the area is blasted by wind and ice. Small animals and plants are frozen and killed automatically, and everyone in the area (the Mage included) takes 2 Fatigue a round, while larger creatures are subject to attack.

Each round the Mage may direct the storm at up to their level / 2 targets, although doing so uses their action. A target is automatically blasted by wind and ice and takes 2D8 cold damage. Normal armour counts half against this but cold weather gear subtracts its survival bonus from the damage. The target may make roll of Agility + Movement / Acrobatics vs. 15 to halve the damage by jumping out of the way of the blast. The Icestorm lasts until the Mage ceases to concentrate on it, or until 5 rounds have passed, and covers an area of 1 Legat per level around the Mage.
power+1 round max duration per 3 Power Levels
+1 Legat area per Power Level