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Rank 2

Deceiving Light
KeywordsIllusion, Subtle
With this spell the White Order Mage may weave illusions from the red air. The distorted images that the spell creates have no substance, but they can be seen and heard and smelt as if they were real. The spell can create a number of separate objects up to the Mage's level in number, each no larger than the Mage, and separted by no more than 5 legats. The illusions will stand still, or repeat some simple task, without supervision, but require concentration to do more. The Mage must be able to see the illusions to have them act convincingly. The illusions last for 10 minutes.

Any seeing the spell’s images must roll Int vs. the Mage's Presence or fall for them and act as if they were real. If they pass the roll they are aware that something is wrong with what they are. The Passing Gift, or the 3rd Circle Black Order spell of the same name, instantly reveal the illusions for what they are.
Blood+2 Presence or +4 minutes duration per blood level.